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Immortality Bites

In Los Angeles, Tanya Drake, an immortal with a taste for men, faces a perilous encounter when Detective Rick Davison disrupts her feast. As Tanya grapples with her carnal instincts and the detective's resistance, she becomes entangled in a dark mystery involving a deadly drug and a powerful witch named Dwayne. Navigating a world where vampires and witches collide, "Immortality Bites" weaves a seductive tale of power and intrigue. Will Tanya succumb to her desires, or will she find herself ensnared in unforeseen consequences? In a realm where the supernatural meets the mundane, the story unfolds, leaving you craving more.

Fantasy, Romance, Paranormal, Urban

Available format(s):

ebook (ISBN: 979-8-9899787-3-1)

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