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Kaji Warriors:
Shifting Strength

Prepare for an action-packed adventure at Sula Academy, where hybrids like Atae compete with Kaji purebreds, who can transform into savage battle beasts. 

Winner of the Literary Titan Gold Book Award.

Photo of book, Kaji Warriors: Shifting Strength
About the Book

"I am strong. I am Kaji."

Atae is a Kaji half-breed living on the capital planet of the Kaji Empire. In a culture dictated by strength and honor, Atae must prove her worth against shapeshifters and otherworldly creatures.

Hybrids like Atae search for their place within the changing Kaji society. At Sula Academy, they struggle to compete with Kaji purebreds, warriors with the ability to transform into savage battle beasts. Atae and her packmates prepare for the Sula Academy Tournament, which will determine their fate within their warrior culture, but the unwanted attention of the Kaji prince proves problematic for them.

Atae must find the strength to escape a spoiled prince's wrath, survive her first crush, and help her packmates complete the Tournament, all while keeping the biggest secret of her life.


Science-Fiction Novel, Book 1 of the Kaji Warriors Series

Paperback and eBook Release Date:  June 10, 2020

Kaji Warriors: Shifting Strength - Book Trailer
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