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Dinosaurs in Texas

In the heart of East Texas, Irene's peaceful ranch life takes an unexpected turn when dinosaurs roam the countryside. Follow Irene's family as they navigate the chaos caused by these prehistoric visitors. As Irene's daughter, Evelynn, and her family move to the ranch, the situation escalates when a triceratops herd visits and velociraptors threaten the peace. With riveting scenes of dino encounters and the family's struggle to adapt, "Dinosaurs in Texas" is a captivating tale of survival in the face of an unexpected and dangerous phenomenon. As relationships are tested and the line between safety and danger blurs, the stage is set for a thrilling saga where humanity's resilience clashes with the ancient forces of the past.

Science Fiction, Adventure, Suspense

Available format(s):

ebook (ISBN: 979-8-9899787-0-0)

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